Daros Industrial rings are manufactured and supplied for a large variety of applications ranging from 1.7m diameter sealing rings for the nuclear industry to 11mm diameter rings for compressors and hydraulic applications.

Our industrial rings are manufactured in a range of materials including several different grades of grey cast iron as well as a variety of high strength low wear options including bronze and steel.

We are able to manufacture our rings and seals with the full variety of joint types, from simple plain butt joints to gas tight seal joints.

Our rings and seals can also be manufactured and coated with different materials such as chrome, copper, molybdenum and chrome ceramic and are generally supplied with either an oiled or phosphated finish for protection.

Our major customers include original equipment manufacturers and spares suppliers of railway and elevator buffers, compressors, rotary pumps, vacuum pumps, chemical pumps, turbochargers, stone crushing equipment, valve seals, hydraulic motors, nuclear seals and power generation.

With direct access to our production facilities we are able to cater for virtually any requirement. We are able to supply rings manufactured to your own design specifications or drawing in quantities from as little as one ring (depending on size, material and tooling) to regular batches of thousands supplied direct from our UK warehouse to your stores or production line.

With multiple production facilities, depending on quantity and specification our lead times can be as short as two weeks. Should you also require it, all of our industrial rings can also be supplied with material test certificates or certificates of conformity if requested at time of order. Please note that there may be a small administration fee for these

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have for industrial rings and seals.