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Welcome To Piston Rings UK Ltd

Starting nearly 150 years ago In Sheffield, England we've since been manufacturing and delivering high quality piston rings continuously to both original equipment manufacturers and the end user in the aftermarket.

Our brands are recognised And trusted across the World And are delivered direct from our U.K. headquarters To destinations around the globe For all Marine, Rail And Industrial applications. Ever since our first patented piston ring In 1877, rings from Lockwood And Carlisle, Standard Piston Rings And Daros industrial Rings UK have Long been the first choice Of original equipment manufacturers, engine builders, chief engineers And spares suppliers looking For proven performance, quality And reliability.

We are able To offer piston rings And sealing rings from diameters Of 11mm through To 1.7m And above.

Our products can be manufactured In a wide range Of ferrous And non-ferrous materials including standard grey cast iron, steel And bronze Or To a material Of your specification. As well As plain rings we are also able To offer coated rings including chrome, copper, molybdenum, aluminium bronze And also chrome ceramic piston rings For large bore 4 stroke engines And coated OEM rings For 2 stroke engines.

We can often supply from stock For the most popular marine, power generation And rail engines As well As For many industrial applications And can usually quote the same day For email enquiries.

Committed To quality we are fully ISO accredited And For all our products are able To trace their history back To the material melt stage.

Below are just some Of the applications our rings are currently supplied For use In:

2 Stroke Low Speed Marine And Stationary Engines – MAN B&W, Sulzer, MAN, Wärtsilä etc
4 Stroke Large Bore Marine And Stationary Engines – MAN B&W, Sulzer, MaK, Wärtsilä etc
4 Stroke Locomotive And Generator Engines
Air Compressors, Hydraulics And Vacuum pumps
Elevator And Railway Buffers
Pneumatics, high pressure And high temperature valves
Turbines And Nuclear Power Station Sealing
Stone Crushing Equipment

What Is a Piston Ring?

A piston ring Is a split circular shaped ring that fits into a groove On the outer diameter Of a piston To form a seal between the piston And the cylinder wall. Its Function Is To maintain proper combustion gas compression, control the amount Of lubricating oil To the pistons And To assist In heat dissipation from the piston To the cylinder.

A Ring For All Engines

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Correct Usage of Piston Rings

Learn how To store, fit And run-In piston rings correctly, For maximum efficiency And longevity.

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Material Matters

A useful guide To the variety Of materials used In the manufacture Of piston rings.

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By controlling both the cast iron production And surface treatments In house, PRUK can be sure Of maintaining the quality Of its products And offering the greatest choice Of ring type To its customers.